About us

At Motivinci, we believe in modern art combined with pop culture to create pieces that stand out. We strive to provide an outlet for out-of-the-box and unique artwork that evokes action and starts conversations—embodying popular culture while simultaneously being entirely your own.

Fed up with dead-end jobs that are going nowhere fast? So were we! That's why we left the corporate world behind fearlessly so that we could create something that would inspire ambitious creatives like you to take action on your dreams and boldly be yourselves from your art to your style.

Whether you're a millennial in the workforce, or a retiree dreaming of your next adventure, we believe that every corner of your life should feel like it's authentically you.

We know how hard it is to find something new and unique in a world full of copycat designs, so we wanted to give people the chance to express themselves through their home decor and everyday life.

We offer you the opportunity to customize your life with our unique products that speak to you. We can’t wait to see where the inspiration takes you.